Friday, May 3, 2013

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Through The Years

Two months - looking at my last post made me sad today, it was dated February 3, 2013 and today, it's been two long months that I hadn't updated this blog here. I was indeed busy for the past two months, a lot of stuffs happened and there are soo many different changes of my life with that span of time. First was that I resigned from my four year work as a customer agent representative last April 15, 2013. I started working in the call center right after college, year 2009 and this was my ever first job experience. Though the job has given me enough for my needs, I have a family who also needs and I want to save as well so I finally decided to go to a foreign country for work. My brother is already there and he is preparing my papers for my flight. I will soon be going there this May and I am excited yet quiet scared about the thought.

Glad I earned some inspiration in making two scrapbook pages today. Because I am leaving my boyfriend behind, I am making some our photographs into scrapbook pages. I hope I'll get the time and courage to print all of these pages I made soon. We have been in this relationship since college, that's almost five years. The photos here shows how we evolved, teehee.

You can use any typewriter type of font for this lay out to give it a vintage look. I like playing around with the colors down those hearts. They were just brushes though which I downloaded years ago and archived. The photos here can be replaced with your own so this is pretty easy to edit via Adobe Photoshop.

Everything here is free so you got to just check it out and download them.
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