Friday, May 3, 2013

Birthday Tarpaulin Design : Aiesha's 3rd Bday

My niece turned three last February 10, 2013 and I forgot to post the lay outs I made for her birthday tarpaulin. I made three actually but ended using the least favorite. Today, I want to share the first one and my most favorite lay out among the three of them.

Few days before her birthday, we managed to set a pictorial session for her, she wore three different dresses and she was kind of bothered about it. She eventually cooperated after giving her some candies and gums, she like snow bear candies and juicy fruit gums though and her mom gave some so she gave her smile back too.

The truth here is that I can't really remember why this lay out was not choosen, I totally forgot the reason but it's totally fine, maybe I can use this for her fourth birthday, maybe! Or maybe I can just give this lay out to anyone who out there who might like it, just email or comment here if you are interested though.

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