Sunday, May 12, 2013

Birthday Tarpaulin Design : Aiesha's 3rd Bday Version 3

Finally! I got the chance to share to you the last and final design I made for Aiesha's third birthday tarpaulin. This was the last design but not my favorite one however, it was the design which was actually printed in the end. I wonder why but I really can't remember the reason to that. 

Anyways, I am posting this so to show you the different designs and so that if anyone of you would like to get a design like this for your daughter someday, you can just message me here and I'll definitely send the psd file to you. I don't have the specific psd design here on this post because this isn't a scrapbook page template and so I thought I'll just give you the overview of the design, if you want it, simply message me via the Facebook page or maybe post a comment in and I'll send you the file or maybe I'll do the honor of changing the photos to your daughter's. How do you find that deal?

Anyways, I kinda find this design very girly and that I couldn't really find any other color that would suit a birthday girl aside from the color pink. Would you agree with me? Haha

So, if you like this design, don't hesitate to send me a message! Have fun guys! Oh! And don't you ever forget to like our Facebook page, OK?

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