Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Tarpaulin Design : Aiesha's 3rd Bday Version 2

This image up here is the second design I made for my niece's third birthday and that it wasn't chosen to be the tarpaulin design as well for a reason I can't really remember at this point, it's been like two months or so since her birthday. If I was not surfing around my external hard drive, I wouldn't be able to see this lay out then.

I also like this lay out because it showcases the clip arts I made years ago, if you are a follower of this blog, you might have seen this clip art set before, but if you are new and you might want to check on this set, just click here.

So since this was not published at all, I would like to give it instead for free. I don't have a template for it but I can give you a link of the image if you send me a message too or a comment on this post. I am not online all the time but I definitely check my blog daily.

Hope you like it, I'll be posting the third set later, so stay posted!

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