Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Round and round with Donuts

Hi guys, I had never been able to post anything for a long long time. I had planned to post something for Christmas and New Year but unfortunately, I never was able to make it. I'll make sure that on the next Christmas and New Year I can make and post one for you guys. I hope you're not mad at me though...

So for this month, I am very excited to show you this cute donuts I just recently made. I was hungry then when I made this and was inspired when this website came popping in with a donut on it. So then I decided to make my own customized one. This is pretty simple, circles are really the basic yet a great art when being experimented.

So here is your donuts guys, just made three variation, the Strawberry Donut with chocolate toppings:

Next is the Chocolate Donut with white toppings:

The last one is the Strawberry Donut with white toppings:

Hope I can make up to you guys in the following days...

Having problems downloading the file? Comment out or send me a message at my contact page or at jean[dot]bbeltran[at]gmail[dot]com.

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