Monday, January 24, 2011

Vector Car

Hello guys, today I will show to you my first attempt in making a vector image. I had read some tutorials about making one but never really attempted to make until last night. I was kinda hesitant at first because one of the things needed in making a vector image is the bevel and emboss talent and I am not good at that. As you have noticed, I never had a clip art which has bevels or contours on it. Now, I have realized how important it is in vector image creation and so I thought of experimenting one. 

Above all, being patient in making vector images is truly the most important thing. I am proud to those vector artists and I know now that being one needs a lot of patience. 

So here is the result, this isn't perfect but I guess it's not bad for a beginner like me. Geez...

The best thing about vector images is that the quality won't change even if you would try to adjust the size unlike with those images which are taken from cameras and such.

I will be making more in the future and I hope I can improve this skill. See yah then!

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