Friday, December 10, 2010

Fourth Scrapset: Birthday Package

This has been created a long time ago, I guess it has been four months and I had already forgotten about it until today when I was scanning through my scrap set files and came to bumped into this very interesting folder. Why interesting? Because out of all the folders, this is the only one which doesn't have published on its file name. That means, I haven't published it yet on this blog. That made me happy because I have something to post for December.

I was already thinking of creating my own Holiday Season scrap set but I haven't created the concept yet and what would be the stuffs that I will be creating. I am sure I will be able to create a set though, but hopefully I can create it as soon as possible so that I can publish it before Christmas time, if not then the same thing will happen as to what happened to my Halloween Scrap set.

Anyways, try to download this and for sure you can create your birthday page on your scrapbook. God bless and keep scrapping!!!

Having problems downloading the file? Comment out or send me a message at my contact page or at jean[dot]bbeltran[at]gmail[dot]com.

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