Friday, January 25, 2013

Scrapbook Layout Idea: Vintage Postcard

I have this special kind of love for anything vintage, I may have already shared this before and that I foresee the future of me collecting things like this since before. And because of that, I enjoy making scrapbook layouts with a vintage theme on it. It makes me want to go to the old times, though I am not a history-fan.

Therefore, I made up this vintage-inspired scrapbook layout yesterday, I have this script background image which I use for my background and found this cute postcard image via the internet and made it as the main ingredient on this specific lay out. I already forgot where I downloaded this one, there’s a variety of vintage postcards in that site but I regret that I never bookmarked it. Tsk tsk tsk…

The photos has been edited with a pre-made action in Photoshop, there are thousands if not millions of actions in Photoshop which can be downloaded via the internet if you just try to search for it. I have downloaded tons of them before but haven’t tried checking on all of them or even used them so far. In case you aren’t familiar with actions yet, it can be compared to a template, except that it can be played again and again to give a specific effect to a certain picture. This one that I used here is named Coffee, I had to delete some of the layers of the action which had suit how I like it to be.
That’s the main ingredient of this layout, nothing too complicated actually, I added some shadows and some brushes, the font used here is something I as well downloaded from the web, it was from one of my favorite websites,, she has this giveaway font every month and most of them are handwritings of her followers. So, it is actually perfect for the vintage theme because it gives a personalized ambience compared to those fonts which are eventually neat and very nice.

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