Monday, January 21, 2013

Clip Arts : Imbalanced Cake for Me

Cakes represent celebrations, may it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas and etc. Since my birthday is around the corner, I would like to start celebrating it through a digital cake I made years ago. As I was scrolling on the photoshop files I had saved on my external drive, looking for the cupcake invitation layout I made for my niece's birthday, I ended up finishing this imbalanced cake. It showed that the last day it was modified was January 9, 2012. This made me thought why I never had finished this cake last year then. I was thinking it could be because I wasn't satisfied with how it become but today, I never realized it is worth posting here.

This will look great in a Birthday invitation letter, which I might be making soon. I had forgotten where I saved my niece's birthday invitation for her 3rd birthday celebration this February so I guess I will be making up one soon too! Hopefully I will be able to find it as soon as possible so I won't start from scratch.

For this year, I will be celebrating my birthday from a far, teehee... What I mean is that James and I will be travelling to a different place, somewhere we haven't been before and that's a far away land from Cebu. This will be our first time together in Mindanao, this scares the inside of me but I have plans of going abroad this year and I thought the best way to say goodbye is to visit my country's beautiful and wonderful tourists spots. Have you heard of the Philippines' Tinuy-an falls and the Enchanted River of Surigao Del Sur? That's where we are heading this end of January.

So, celebrate with me and get a slice of cake from here. Hooray to 25 years of existence!

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