Jean Butihen Beltran is my full name, I love to be called "Jean". I am an IT graduate at Cebu Institute of Technology (now called CIT University) school year 2008-2009. I am now working as a Technical Support Representative at Sykes Asia Inc., - Cebu Branch. I am supporting a Mobile Device brand, and so far, I love my work excluding the schedule. Anyways, I am from Bohol, specifically in Guindulman, Eastern part of the island. My dad is an architect and my mom is a housewife/businesswoman, I have 3 siblings. I have one niece who is two months old this time, she's really cute.

I am blogging for the sole purpose that I love to share my experiences and other random thoughts in my mind. I find it a good hobby and a beautiful way of sharing every chapter of my life.

Common and let's sail together. Thanks for reading here, I greatly appreciate it.
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